The Jackson Hole Youth Orchestra (JHYO) is the flagship artistic program spearheaded by our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, MusicLand

Michelle Quinn, Executive Director of JHYO and MusicLand, is a longtime resident and music educator in Jackson Hole. She developed the JHYO to provide talented young adults a creative outlet to appreciate and perform classical music in and around Jackson's natural splendor. Joining Michelle are Vince Gutwein, Orchestral Director for both JHYO and Teton County School Districts Middle and High Schools, and Brian Carr, content developer and Creative Director.

Numerous other individuals have also provided guidance and support to the Jackson Hole Youth Orchestra.

JHYO encompasses every aspect of traditional orchestra participation, from auditions to public performances. Additionally, JHYO gives participants opportunity to interact with like-minded young adults, cultivate advanced repertoire, and promote dedication to instrument practice and to the complexity of music theory.